About Me

Hello! It is an honor to have you spend a little time out of your busy life to read about me. I am an entrepreneur and a full stack developer.

I love working on innovative projects in many different fields of technology. I have vast knowledge in over 15 different programming languages, designed quite a few inventions/ gadgets, and made many of my own productions in fields such as film, web design, apps, games, and backend infrastructure and algorithm design.

I like to think creatively and my dream is to change the world through technology and education to improve the lives of the less fortunate.

years Full Stack Developer, Deployment Engineer, System Architect, UI/UX & Design Thinker, Product Manager, Business Development, Sales

My Background

I've worked in numerous fields ranging from art design to prosthetics. Feel free to view my portfolio here or on LinkedIn.

Science and Technology

I have worked immensely in the field of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Networking/ Data Infrastructures. Also studied and researched Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, AI design, & Robotics.

Graphics Design

I have an eye for Web/UI Design and customer UX experience, as well as strong knowledge of Photoshop & front-end development.

3D Printing & Modeling

I have spent a great deal of time understanding and developing my knowledge of 3D printing and 3D modeling. I produced a prosthetic hand for a child among other things.

Business and Innovation

I am an entrepreneur at Babson, have worked in businesses (some as management), and am in the middle of starting my own.

Get in touch:

me (at) arjunb.com

Work with me

If you have a project in mind that you would like to work on with me, shoot me an email at: me (at) arjunb.com or tweet at me.